We are not dead! Also, a little surprise from Croteam.

16th May, 2016 | by Scratch, Lead developer

Greetings to all the Serious Fans, Alligator Pit here to present you something very special!

But before that, I want to assure you that we are not dead, nor this project! Due to reasons (technical and otherwise), the development have been slow for the last few months. However, we are slowly getting back to track and soon enough, we'll have a few new things to show all of you.

On the other hand, the release date might have to be pushed. It is the best if you'll expect Revolution to be released somewhere in 2014 instead of this year. We are deeply sorry about that.


We have a surprise to you all, straight from Croteam!

A few months ago, we have received a curious package from them. In the last few months, we have managed to integrate it into Revolution.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present you the Resources of the Serious Sam 1 Alpha!

We have all the levels in the same form as it was in a build made in 2000. This includes enemies, textures and models as well. Of course, things would be a little too easy, but since this is from an Alpha recovered from God knows where, there are many problems that still need to be worked out. These include missing textures, textures read from the wrong directory, and the most serious, missing polygons.

We hope that this great addition to Revolution will please many of our fans.

It is still to be decided, if these levels will be available in the actual game, however it will be available for all modders and mappers, who want to try, mod or even convert these maps to Serious Sam HD, using the new World Exporter Tool of Serious Editor 1, used by Croteam to create SSHD. Like this:

Stay tuned for more news about Serious Sam Revolution in the near future!


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