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17th May, 2016 | by Scratch, Lead developer

Yo Peeps, it's Mischievous again, I dunno, I guess I like it.

This week's devblog will be on a single idea we are fighting without betatesters about, and it's time to as you guys for your well expressed written argumented logical opinions about it.

And that idea is to have an option somewhere in the menus named "speedrun".


End of blog. :P

Hohok, Just kidding, I coudn't resist, what we want to do is pretty much based on the fact that we're introducing the goodness of leaderboards to Sam R, so stuff like single player level score, kills and stuff like that will be available for all who wish to gaze upon their owner's greatness or otherwise, soooo to ensure a fair scoring, we are removing all OOMs from the maps. You know, places where you can either rocket jump out of level to skip 90 percent of it (think Karnak). Naturally we were concerned about the part of you who enjoy to speedrun, which is a wholly different way to play a game, and we would hate to remove all of your well known coop and versus OOM exploits. Our balanecd decision was to create a switch, when hosting a game or playing in singleplayer, you would be able to enable or disable our fixes, they are mostly in the form of either teleporters (where we really coudn't avoid it) or actual geometry to block you, like a few extra houses here and there to get in your way.

So that's it really, one option, to remove all of our invisible walls of a speedrunner's supressed rage, YAY or NAY? I've been there too myself. Need I remind you guys of Sam 2's invisible-wall-gy?

And we also kinda want to have a special leaderboard just for speedrunners, so if you enable the option to disable our inviso-walls, you get your very own leaderboard boasting about how fast you managed to pass the level, you know what would be cool, and I'm geting this idea just now writing this?

Not only have leaderboards for time taken to pass level, but also count rocket jumps and times you died in a single speedrun, give you guys more to gloat about eh? As always if you have more awesome ideas on what to put in the SPEEDRUNNER leaderboard, toss it in the comment heap...

What else what else...

We're still going through the Game mod ideas you suggested, and also fixed our spelling on the word mod so yeah. :P We will make a post if we like any (WHICH WE DID) at a later time, and next week Angelo, will give you guys more programming goodness updates.

So that's it for this week's rather short blog, some weeks just aren't as exiting as others, sorry! -Mischievous out


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