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25th May, 2016 | by Scratch, Lead developer

We feel like this is a much needed post. We've changed a little bit over the years since we did this last time, so a new introduction is much needed!

First of all, what is Alligator Pit exactly? Well, it's a giant pit of alligators, obviously. Also, the Alligator Pit team was started back in late 2012 as an initiative to modernize the classic Serious Sam games into a bigger standalone game: Revolution! We started out with some of the most active and skilled modders in the community (initially from the Seriously! gaming forums), and based our foundations on that.

Since everyone in Alligator Pit is a volunteer member of the team, it's common to see people doing little bits of contributions instead of bigger ones sometimes, or even leaving the team (either temporarily or permanently), due to time constraints, loss of interest, or even personal reasons. That's fine. Such is the nature of a community-driven project! And of course, some of those people return, or new contributors from the community join the team. It's the circle of liiiiiiiife-cough

In this post I'd like to highlight those recent (and older) contributors. You might have seen them around the community, so if you see them somewhere, say hi! Or shoot them in the face with a cannonball for the Developer Rage achievement. Up to you, but we think a handshake is more appropriate!

We've asked each active contributor to give a little introduction about themselves for this post, so - in order of most recently joined members, we present you:


AKA Filip Polak, modeler and professional ice skater. (Editor note: We're skeptical about that last part, Filip!)

Since I can remember I've always had more fun modding than actually playing games. I first started using Serious Engine tools in 2004.

At the time I didn't knew English at all so I learned everything by myself. Over the years I slowly started to abandon mapping in favor of modeling. And now here I am - making things that many considered impossible on Serious Engine 1. Normal maps? Not a problem. Ragdolls? Got it. First person and cinematic cutscenes? Easy.

Well to be honest most of these effects are visual trickery but hey, people are enjoying it. Oh and also I’m really good at making overcomplicated scripted events using triggers.

Personal showcase on the Seriously! forums


AKA Music Guy. (Editor note: That's what his Slack profile says, we didn't write that!)

My name's ThePaSch, I'm an aspiring composer and Rocket League shoutcaster, and I'm mainly responsible for creating the musical score for our Bright Island campaign (and various other new levels)!

I like my food cooked, my drinks cold, my shooters fast, my winters warm, and my summers cold. Other hobbies include acting like I have lots of other hobbies, and totally having lots of other hobbies.

I sincerely hope you'll enjoy what'll be my first foray into video game music composition!

Personal Soundcloud stream


AKA Steven Wise. (Editor note: Also wants to bet 5 bucks with Dr.Tr1gger that he's the youngest one on the team!)

I've been making levels for Serious Sam TFE and TSE since 2003. I responded to the Alligator Pit Recruitment call in November 2014, and was brought on board at that time.

Sometimes I make maps for Half-life and Deathmatch Classic. Sometimes I make stupid random videos which may or may not appear on the Internet at some point. It all depends on when I make something that I deem worthy to release to the public.

I'm also the only human being in the United States who knows what a Serious Sam is.


AKA Alex Brouwer, scripting guy and all around weird dude. (Editor note: He's cool though, despite his weirdness.)

I've been programming for a while. Scratch talked about scripting in Serious Sam Revolution, and as it turns out I'm spending my free time working on the game and trying to make it easy for everyone to extend the game with scripting with custom addons, gamemodes, entities and a lot more.

Personal website


AKA Marcin Nowowiejski, enthusiastic game modder. (Editor note: Likes to label himself as a certain Mr. Faliszek at times, and the lowercase 'd' in his name is very important.)

I've always been more into expansions of the games, rathen than sequels. It's just that I like new content for the games I already like. That's why I started modding SSHD and SS3, and then signed into Alligator Pit doing all sorts of stuff.

I was supposted to be a translator, but since the translation system is not yet ready, I'm playtesting, coding, being a community manager, and doing all the other stuff that's not much worth mentioning.

Personal website


AKA Marcin Chyliński, a Polish Revolution developer. (Editor note: Claims he's handsome. Also wants pics of boobs.)

I like to do creative stuff (although most of my ideas don't engender motivation, so I often start something and don't ever finish it). However, recently I've been very motivated to buy a DLSR camera, because I love art, and the easiest way to get into creating something for me, was a camera. So far it's only a body and 2 lenses, but in time I'll do a lot more.

Currently residing in Iceland for about one and half year already. I'm doing things that aren't really associated with PCs or gaming at all. God, do I hate the weather here. But the views, man! (Or woman, even transgen-oh any gender will do, who am I to judge.)

In Alligator Pit I'm supposed to be a mapper. So far I've been fixing and improving existing maps, I didn't finish any actual map (see note about motivation above!), but I like it. It may be time consuming, but fixing stuff relaxes me, figuring out how something works and finding a solution.

tl;dr: I'm boring but living a life and trying to entertain myself. Also a mapper.

Personal Facebook


AKA Raka. (Editor note: Wrote this biography a little late for this post, but still, here it is!)

I live in France and I'm involved in Alligator Pit since 2013.

I've been making levels for Serious Sam Classics since 2010. I have made personal deathmatch, coop and survival levels for these games. I've also been making some maps and mods for Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter in 2013 with the help of Crippler. My biggest projects for now remains my coop levels, and my involvements in Revolution and Serious Tournament Mod (since 2016).

Astronomy and cosmic sciences is my highest source of inspiration to making maps. I'm mostly a level designer in Alligator Pit, but I'm also a bug fixer concerning level bugs. I also give some suggestions to the team.

Personal showcase on the Seriously! forums


AKA Angelo Geels, professional technology cat. (Editor note: His primary job description includes meowing at computers.)

I've been doing programming for a long time, which actually started in the Serious Sam community more than 10 years ago. (Time really flies, huh?) Back then I was on a Serious Sam forum for fragmatch players, making mods, in-game scripts (not many people know this, but you could make some real interesting scripts with the in-game console), and just all-around development.

I worked at Croteam from in 2012 - 2013 as an internship for school. In late 2012 I started Alligator Pit with the focus of bringing the classic games to a new audience and modern computers. With that came the idea of making some brand new content to freshen things up a little.

On the team I am the project and team manager, lead programmer, systems-admin, community cat, technology cat, and level/graphics designer.

Personal website, Twitter

And that's it!

Have any more questions for any of us? Don't hesitate to make a post on the Steam forum, or even write a comment on this post below.


11th Jun, 2016 by les

the game revolution wont play it loads and just near the end it says paused i was wondering if u can help

12th Jun, 2016 by les

my serious sam keeps pausing on the upgrade just at the end about 99% then it comes up failed paused i have tried things but cannot get it to run

26th Jun, 2016 by Sternhammer

Loving the work so far. You've made me happy, very, very happy. Thank you