About us

25th May, 2016 by Scratch

We feel like this is a much needed post. We've changed a little bit over the years since we did this last time, so a new introduction is much needed!

Now available on Steam Early Access!

17th May, 2016 by Scratch

We are now live and playable on Steam Early Access!

Official Early Access Trailer Released!

17th May, 2016 by Scratch

We just released the official trailer for Serious Sam Revolution's debut on Steam Early Access!

Developer Blog 4: OpenGL and shaders

17th May, 2016 by Scratch

Today, I want to talk a little bit about graphics. Specifically, OpenGL.

Discussion Blog

17th May, 2016 by Scratch

This week's devblog will be on a single idea we are fighting without betatesters about, and it's time to as you guys for your well expressed written argumented logical opinions about it.

Developer Blog 2: Blockout with Mischievous

17th May, 2016 by Scratch

Yo peeps, Mischievous here, our Team Cat wasn't feeling as well as he normally does so this time, I'll be writing one of these "The DevBlog" things...